How to add your testimonials from Testimonial Tree:

Step 1:
To access your Testimonial Tree portal use this link:

Step 2:
Enter your login credentials (Username/Password)

Step 3:
Select “Widgets” on the left hand side toolbar
Select “Add Widget”

Step 4:
Scroll to the bottom and select “Meta Widget” > “Choose and Continue”

Step 5:
From here you can filter your testimonials or you can add desired testimonials by scrolling through your testimonials/reviews. Handpick the ones you would like displayed on your website by selecting “add” in the right hand corner.

Step 6:
Once you have finished filtering or adding your testimonials scroll to the bottom and select the button “Continue.”

Step 7:
Name your widget i.e. New Website Widget 2019

Select “Finish”

Step 8:
Select “Add Widget Myself”

Step 9:
Here you will copy the “option 1” code. Please see example code below.

Step 10:
Once you have copied the code go back to your site editor in Connect (where you edit your website) and select “interior page” > My testimonials > Page Editor

Step 11:
Once you have selected Page Editor select the “View” tab, in the drop down select  “<> Source Code” and paste your widget code into the body and save.